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Apocalypse The Deadly (WIP)

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Apocalypse The Deadly (WIP) Empty Apocalypse The Deadly (WIP)

Post by Apocalypse on Mon May 04, 2015 3:15 pm

Name; Apocalypse
Nickname; Apoc, Paco, Caly, Calypso,
Gender; Male
Age; 3 years
Sexuality; Bisexual
Rank; Chief
Element; Controls all four, but his main element is Earth.
Appearance; Apocalypse is a large, muscular male with a thick fur coat that is a dark brown in color. His eyes are a muddy greenish brown in color. His left ear is torn, and his tail is nothing more than a stub. A broken chain hangs around his neck, a relic from a past life.
Personality; Apocalypse is a serious male, who prefers to stay silent than to chatter needlessly. Like his element, Earth, he is rather unstable, and can snap and cause immense damage at anytime.
History; Apocalypse was born in a far away land from the pack, in the jungle of stone and metal. He was used in dog fights and was treated horribly. One day he ran away, breaking free of his chains and running to the forest where he met with a mighty pack. He was soon accepted into the pack and rose through the ranks to become the Chief.
Family; Doesn't remember them.
Mate; None
Theme Song; Unstable by Kizz Kaliko


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