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Post by Sin on Thu May 07, 2015 3:15 pm

Name;; Sin

Nickname;; Sinner, Beast, Monster

Gender;; Male

Sexuality;; Heterosexual

Age;; 2 and a half years

Rank;; Seeker

Element;; Water

Appearance;; Sin is a long legged, slender framed, average sized wolf. He has short, thin black fur with no markings. His eyes are a dark blue.

Personality;; Sin is savage and blood thirsty. He takes immense pleasure in killing and prides in his job as seeker. He loves tracking just as much as killing, and tracks down his victims with deadly efficiency. He is very patient. Strangely protective, he will tear apart any wolf who dares to harm his packmates.

History;; WIP


Mate;; None


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