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Post by Apocalypse on Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:51 pm

1. Treat your fellow members with respect. No bullying.
2. We would appreciate it if your username was something close to your character's name.
3. 25 word minimum per post. More is always encouraged, however.
4. This site is semi-fantasy, which allows for unusual coat markings and eye colors and other fantasy elements, but no wolves with wings or crazy powers. Or demon hellhounds, nor angels.
5. Mild swearing is allowed in the roleplay and general site, but do not go overboard. Any swearing directed towards another member will not be tolerated.
6. No graphic mating or birth scenes are allowed in the roleplay. No graphic sexual content is allowed on the site in general.
7. No powerplaying in the roleplay, which is controlling another member's character.
8. No godmodding, which is making your character invincible.
9. Normal pack wolves can pick one element to control, while Chief's control all four. The elements are; Earth, Fire, Water, Wind


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